Now is the time to solve name dispute between Macedonia, Greece: Swedish FM

Swedish Foreign Minister Carl Bildt, whose country is holding the presidency of the European Union, thinks the time to solve the name dispute between Macedonia and Greece has come.

Everyone knows there should be a compromise, said Bildt and added that the compromises are not the “most popular” thing in the Balkans, but this is the way Europe is moving forward.

The Swedish foreign minister, who is participating in the U.S.-EU summit in Washington, says the name dispute should be solved as soon as possible.

“Both countries should be pressurized; the pressure will not come from outside; it will come from within. A solution has to be reached. Everyone knows it has to be resolved sooner or later. Then why later since sooner is possible too? A dose of political leadership both in Athens and Skopje is necessary, but I think everyone knows how it all would end. Then why wait, why not do it now,” asks Bildt.

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