K. Albanian leader optimistic over ICJ

Kosovo President Fatmir Sejdiu stated that “historical, legal and constitutional” arguments were on “Kosovo’s side” in the ICJ case.

The International Court of Justice (ICJ) has started proceedings to determine the legality of the February 2008 unilateral independence declaration by Kosovo’s ethnic Albanians, which Belgrade rejected as an illegal act of separatism.

Sejdiu said today in Priština that he did not wish to comment “on the ICJ advisory opinion”, but stressed that the process of “Kosov’s statehood” was irreversible, and that “all the facts were on its side”.

“I don’t want to prejudge the court’s decision and I don’t want to talk about hypotheses. But Kosovo’s arguments are correct,” said he.

Sejdiu said that Serbia “could not prove its ownership of Kosovo”, and that “even the Serbian legal team is aware of this”.

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