Croatia sends report to Tribunal

Croatia has sent a report to the Hague Tribunal stating that measures have been taken for sending all documentation request by the court to The Hague.

“The report states everything that has been done, and I think that a lot has been done,” Croatian Justice Minister Ivan Šimonović said.

He said that he expects a swift reaction from Chief Prosecutor Serge Brammertz, who will soon be submitting his report to the UN Security Council on cooperation with the Tribunal.

Šimonović said that 60 people from various institutions worked on this project, interviewing new witnesses and taking testimony from others again.

He said that some documents have been located, but according to the analysis that has been done, these are not the documents that are of interest to Brammertz.

Šimonović said that Croatia is doing what the court has asked of it, which is to either find the documents or explain why they do not have them.

The Hague Tribunal is asking Croatia for the so-called “artillery diaries” related to the Croatian military action “Storm” that took place in Knin in 1995.

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