Final Results: New Mayor of Sofia Fandakova Elected with 66,23%

Yordanka Fandakova, the newly-elected Mayor of the Bulgarian capital Sofia from the ruling party GERB, has received exactly 66,23% of the votes in Sunday’s Elections.

This figure has become clear after 100% of the electoral protocols of the polling stations have been processed.

The candidate of the Bulgarian Socialist Party, Georgi Kadiev, received 27,71% of the votes.

Architect Pavel Popov from the conservative RZS party has received 2,8%. Each of the other 15 candidates received below 1%.

The Election Day ended at 7:47 pm Sunday night with the final voter turnout in Sofia reaching 23,17%.

A total of 257 367 votes were cast out of a total of 1 110 258 names in the list of eligible voters.

Of those, Fandakova has received 170 454, Kadiev – 71 316, Popov – 7 206.

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