Prosecutor says his Mladić statement “imprecise”

Serbian War Crimes Prosecutor Vladimir Vukčević says Serge Brammertz did not, “in a single word”, say that Mladić is out of Serbia’s reach.

Earlier this week, media in Serbia reported that Vukčević said Brammertz’s report states that “Hague fugitive and indictee Ratko Mladić is not within the reach of the Serbian security forces”, and that, if that were the case, “he would most likely already have been located and arrested”.

“After my intention to inform the public of the difficulties that we have in locating, arresting and transferring [Ratko] Maldić and [Goran] Hadžić to the Hague, for two days now my imprecise statement has been interpreted to say that Chief Hague Prosecutor Serge Brammertz stated in his latest report to the UN Security Council that Mladić is not within the reach of the Serbian security services,” a statement from Vukčević reads.

He added that the Action Team is doing everything to bring the two fugitives to the Hague Tribunal, because, in his words, that is a state interest.

“I appreciate exceptionally the objective and highly professional position of Mr. Brammertz to help us with that job,” the prosecutor’s statement continued.

It also said that the new report is based on facts, and that it would “gain its full meaning” once it has been presented to the UN.

This is due to take place on December 3 in New York.

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