Serbian part of the pan-European Corridor 10 highway to Be Completed in 2012

Serbian Minister of Infrastructure Milutin Mrkonjic says that works on the Serbian part of the pan-European Corridor 10 highway will continue next year, despite the tight government budget.

Mrkonjic said he can guarantee that “the last section of 307 kilometers of Corridor 10 will be finished by May 2012.”

Corridor 10, which is one of the pan-European traffic corridors from Austria to Greece, goes through Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia and Macedonia. It includes a 2,528 kilometres rail network and some 2,300 kilometres of motorway.

It was included into a group of pan-European corridors after the end of wars in former Yugoslavia, at the conference in Helsinki in 1997.

Since the government is now mapping out its budget for 2010, Mrkonjic said that nothing can change the plan as the country’s government backs the project. Additionally, President Boris Tadic announced earlier that the highway construction is the country’s absolute priority.

Mrkonjic said that around 1.1 billion euros out of the 1.5 billion cost of the project has been secured from loans.

“It has never been easier for me, so I am pleased as we are getting the money from abroad. While the entire government weeps, I am the only one looking forward (to something),” the daily quoted the minister as saying.

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