Serbia, DCAF sign protocol in Geneva

Serbia’s Interior Ministry and police (MUP) have very good cooperation with the Geneva Center for the Democratic Control of Armed Forces (DCAF).

This is according to Interior Minister and First Deputy PM Ivica Dačić, who added in Geneva on Wednesday that Belgrade wants to improve it with the aim of a more efficient fight against crime and corruption.

“There is no successful fight against crime and corruption without regional police cooperation,” Dačić said, after the signing of the protocol on sending a MUP liaison officer to the DCAF regional office in Ljubljana.

He underscored that MUP and DCAF, the seat of which is in Geneva, have worked together on several significant projects, adding that MUP has successfully organized a regional ministerial conference dedicated to border security and control, that is the improvement of the work of border police.

“We want to promote this cooperation in the period to come,” Dačić pointed out.

By signing the protocol Serbia has become the first Western Balkan country that will send its police liaison officer to the DCAF regional center, DCAF Director Theodor Winkler said Wednesday.

After signing the protocol together with Dačić, Winkler stated that the cooperation between Serbia and DCAF “could not be better”.

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