Russia, Serbia in nuclear plant talks

The governments of Russia and Serbia are in negotiations to build a nuclear power plant in Serbia, the Russian ambassador to Belgrade says.

“The construction of a nuclear power plant in Serbia is being given serious consideration,” Aleksandr Konuzin was quoted as saying this Monday.

He stated that Serbia wishes to export electricity, and added that the country has the resources to do so.

“Russia is prepared to help Serbia with this intention through partnership and joint investments,” the Radio-Television of Vojvodina (RTV) reported.

Konuzin reminded that Serbia had recently reached agreements to build hydro plants with Germany and Italy, that Russian experts are currently working on modernizing the Đerdap 1 (Iron Gate) plant on the Danube, and that Russia is also ready to build more hydro power plants in Serbia.

The ambassador also noted that the construction of several natural-gas heating plants has already been agreed.

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