Vlasi says he’ll be “ambassador to Montenegro”

Ethnic Albanian politician Azem Vlasi has confirmed that he will be the first Kosovo ambassador to Montenegro.

However, Vlasi, who was a Kosovo communist official in the former Yugoslavia, could not say when he would officially be proposed for the post, saying that there will be no statements until he is officially approved by the Montenegrin government.

Today he welcomed the Montenegrin government’s announcement that it would establish diplomatic ties with Priština, adding that Priština is awaiting for Podgorica’s official decision.

“Since Podgorica recognized Kosovo’s independence, Priština wants to establish full diplomatic relations with Podgorica,” Vlasi said.

Media are reporting that Montenegro will establish full diplomatic relations with Kosovo after the session of the International Court of Justice, “probably in March”, explaining that Montenegro decided to act in a “restrained manner” in order not to “strain” its ties with Belgrade.

This decision came after Serbian Ambassador to Montenegro Zoran Lutovac asked the Montenegrin Foreign Ministry to refrain from establishing diplomatic relations with Kosovo until the ICJ gives its opinion on the legality of the unilaterally proclaimed independence of the southern Serbian province.

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