EULEX marks one year of arrival in Kosovo

EULEX spokesman Christophe Lamfalussy on Wednesday made a statement on the first anniversary of the arrival of EULEX arrival in Kosovo.

All achievements made by Kosovo in the police, customs and judiciary sectors are also achievements of this EU mission.

“EULEX has come to Kosovo to support it and any success of Kosovo is also a success for EULEX,” Lamfalussy said in the statement to Tanjug.

One of the EULEX successes is the deployment of over 2,500 people in the past year, including judges, police and customs officers, he said.

As regards the judiciary, EULEX prosecutors took over 1,000 cases during the year and about 50 sentences were issued, Lamfalussy said.

One of future priorities of EULEX will be progress in the judiciary sector, he said.

The main goals will be fighting corruption and organized crime he noted.

As regards EULEX priorities in northern Kosovo, he pointed to the importance of the return of Serb and ethnic Albanian judges and prosecutors to northern Kosovska Mitrovica.

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