European Parliament Rapporteur for Serbia, Jelko Kacin: Statute proclamation shows maturity

European Parliament Rapporteur for Serbia, Jelko Kacin, said that the proclamation of the Vojvodina statute is a sign of maturity in Serbia.

He said that it is also a sign of Serbia’s political will to turn itself into a modern and functional country.

Kacin was quoted as saying today that he is content that the Vojvodina statute has been proclaimed, adding that Serbia begins decentralization with the statute in a way that is normal according to modern European standards and the needs to increase all-inclusive development.

“Adopting and realizing the Vojvodina statute are dear contributions to the European efforts of Serbia and a clear message on the direction of the need for further reforms and realization in all the countries and regions of the Western Balkans,” Kacin said.

He added that the proclamation of the statute is symbolic distancing of Serbia from “etatist” aspirations, which had to be overcome to the advantage of the European future of Serbia and the Western Balkans region.

“I wish all the best in the realization of the statute and the process of adopting the two laws that are needed to turn the words of the statute into action,” Kacin said.

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