Bobi Tsankov’s murder not to affect Brussels’ opinion about Bulgaria, says Spanish ambassador

I do not think that the murder of a young journalist in downtown Sofia a couple of days ago will affect Brussels’ opinion about Bulgaria, Spanish ambassador to Bulgaria Jorge Fuentes Monzonis-Vilallonga said at a news conference dedicated to the start of the Spanish EU Presidency.

The ambassador commented on radio presenter Bobi Tsankov’s murder after being asked on the issue.

“This is a painful event, it is about a young man but it does not change the impression about the security in Bulgaria. There are two levels of security here – that of the ordinary citizens, which is relatively good, and that of people working in certain fields”, Jorge Fuentes remarked.

The Spanish ambassador wished luck to Bulgarian candidate for EU commissioner – Rumyana Zheleva, for the upcoming hearing at the European Parliament on January 12. Commenting on the rumors about foreign minister Zheleva, the ambassador said the following: “I am sure that she disposes of enough means to pass the test at the European Parliament for this portfolio, which is not insignificant at all”.

As far as the Greek-Macedonian name dispute is concerned, he said that Greece is ready to solve the issue, and as for Macedonia – the country should realize that its road to the EU and NATO will be closed until this issue is solved.

Speaking about Turkey, Jorge Fuentes said that if it is left outside the EU, the Union might face some unfavorable factors.

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