Spanish ambassador to Bulgaria: “I advise Bulgaria not to rush with euro area accession”

We realize Bulgaria’s need to join Schengen and the euro area. We will try to realize this goal by 2013, Spanish ambassador to Bulgaria Jorge Fuentes Monzonis-Vilallonga said at a news conference dedicated to the start of the Spanish EU Presidency.

Asked why he pointed at 2013 for Bulgaria’s accession in the Schengen area and not 2011, which is the goal targeted by Bulgaria, the Spanish ambassador said the following: “We should make difference between the moment the negotiations will end up and the ratification done by all member states. It is possible for the negotiations over Schengen and the euro area accession to end up in the next 18 months but the ratification will be done at a later stage”.

“Me personally, I would advise Bulgaria not to rush with the euro area accession, as it is connected to many advantages in times of economic crisis but we all know that at the moment of the accession prices in the country will increase and this will bear negative effect on Bulgaria”, the ambassador added.

The diplomat avoided commenting on the latest demonstrative murder in the capital city Sofia. He remarked that Span will continue cooperating with Bulgaria in the fight against crime and in the achievement of more efficient justice in Bulgaria.

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