Bulgaria PM Scolds Minister for Turkey Comments

r9Bulgaria’s Prime Minister Boyko Borisov has publicly scolded his minister without portfolio in charge of the government agnecy for Bulgarians living abroad for his comments on Turkey’s bid to join the EU.

“I have warned Bozhidar Dimitrov that the next time something like this happens, we will have to let him go. You don’t come out and make such declarations without them having them discussed with the Prime Minister, the Cabinet, or the Parliament – because you are not doing this in your capacity of a historian, or a museum director,” said Borisov.

”That way you are committing the Prime Minister to certain things and creating problems,” he added.

He added that Bulgaria has never conditioned Turkey’s entry into the EU on paying compensation to hundreds of thousands of ethnic Bulgarians expelled from Thrace in 1913, as Dimotrov stated for media on Sunday.

Dimtrov’s comments have raised eyebrows and prompted Turkey’s foreign minister to warn Bulgaria not to risk disrupting neighbourly relations.

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