No Srebrenica resolution drafts in Serbian parliament

Serbian Parliamentary Speaker Slavica Đukić-Dejanović says that parliament has not received any official initiative for adopting a Srebrenica resolution.

“I would personally support every resolution that condemns war crimes, including those in Srebrenica. In my opinion it is not enough for only Srebrenica to be included in it,” Đukić-Dejanović said.

Her comments came after President Boris Tadić said on Sunday that Serbia’s interests and victims can only be defended through paying respects to the victims or others.

He also said that the adoption of a Srebrenica resolution was Serbia’s ”obligation to the Hague Tribunal”, and that it would receive the support of the people “in time”.

Blic states that the president’s initiative is also “supported in general” by opposition parties, but that voting on it will depend on the content of the resolution and whether other crimes committed during the wars of the 1990s will be mentioned.

The daily adds that unless the government proposes the adoption of the Srebrenica resolution as an emergency procedure, it will not be on the parliamentary agenda before March 1.

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