EU visa center issues visas to two new countries – Greece And the Netherlands

The EU Visa Center, operating under the auspices of the Embassy of Hungary in Chisinau, has commenced issuing entry visas to Greece and the Netherlands.

Ambassador Gyorgy Varga said that last year the number of visa seekers diminished. The Center provided services to 8.013 applicants, of which 13% applications were rejected for various objective reasons. Fifty-three percent visas were given free of charge.

Gyorgy Varga explained that the chief reason of application rejecting is the suspicious background of some visa seekers. To go to the Schengen area, the person must prove documentarily the purpose of his visit and his financial possibilities. Also, insurance policy is essential.

In his words, there are practically no complaints against the Visa Center’s work. A rare exception to this rule was, e.g., a complaint lodged this past December 30, which was settled in the applicant’s favor.

The ambassador said the biggest demand is for visas to Hungary – 34.7%, followed by Austria – 27.3%, Latvia 9.5%, and Slovenia – 8.1%. And the smallest number of applications is for visas to Finland (0.7%) and Luxemburg (0.8%).

Launched in April 2007, the EU Visa Center presently issues entry visas to 12 countries – Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Luxemburg, Slovenia, Sweden, Greece, the Netherlands, and Hungary.

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