Romania’s Senate ratified the Small Cross Border Agreement

On Thursday, during an extraordinary session, the meeting of the Bucharest Senate ratified the Small Cross Border Agreement signed by the Government of Romania and Republic of Moldova Government on 13 November 2009,

The Agreement was ratified unanimously with 90 votes “for” the Agreement signed between Romania and Republic of Moldova Governments.

The Agreement between Romania and Moldova was signed on 13 November in Bucharest, on the occasion of the visit of Moldovan Prime Minister Vlad Filat, that asked for the ratification of the agreement by the end of the year. According to the agreement, citizens living for at least a year in the joint border region will have the possibility to enter and remain in the border zone of the neighbouring state for a three-month period.

The cross-border access will be based on the valid passport and the small cross border permit valid for a period of two to five years. The Law shows that the legal act does not contradict European border security norms.

Before that, the Romanian Prime Minister Emil Boc declared that the Small Cross Border Agreement with the Republic of Moldova is an extremely important document related to Romania’s relations with the Republic of Moldova, that is a priority for both Governments.

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