The Committee for condemning communism has been created in the Republic of Moldova

The interim president Mihai Ghimpu of Moldova issued a decree on “constituting the Committee for studying and analyzing the totalitarian communist system in the Republic of Moldova”.

The decree mentions that, regardless of the fact that in the last two decades “Republic of Moldova recorded progresses in term of building the law state and accession to European Union, it still remains a state that does not know the truth about the totalitarian communist system in its history”, the statement shows.

The chairperson of the Committee has become Ph Doctor of History Gheorghe Cojocaru. The Committee consists of about 30 historians, writers, philologists, economists and jurists.

The committee will develop a survey, an anthology of documents and an analytic report on historic and political-juridical assessment of the totalitarian communist system.

Mihai Ghimpu has recently declared in time of a Program on a TV channel that “the name of the Party of Communists and its symbols may be prohibited”

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