Kosovo Prime Minister: “Kosovo wants cooperation with Serbia”

Kosovo Prime Minister Hashim Thaci said that he expects to have “good inter-state relations” with Serbia soon.

He said that Kosovo wants these relations to be between “two independent and sovereign states.”

“Kosovo is an independent and democratic state and I expect Belgrade to work to build good inter-state relations in the close, not distant future, while the strategy for northern Kosovo is the strategy of the state of Kosovo and the international community,” Thaci said after visiting the property in Prizren on which a university will be built.

He said that the goal of the strategy is to “strengthen sovereignty and maintain the territorial integrity of Kosovo, increase lawfulness on the entire territory of Kosovo and improve the lives of citizens”.

“I said yesterday and I am repeating today that the government will secure a special fund for realizing the strategy for the integration of the north into the Kosovo institutions,” he said.

Asked about the situation in the southern Serb enclave of Štrpce, Thaci said that he will visit that municipality after Prizren and that he will “support the people that support the constitution and laws of Kosovo and all those who were elected in a legitimate way”.

“I will meet in Štrpce with Serb leaders that were elected in the elections (organized by Priština) and I will talk with them about the coming steps for realizing the project for improving the lives of all citizens who live in these municipalities,” Thaci said.

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