Josipović: Sending troops no option

Commenting on Stjepan Mesić’s statements, Croatia’s new president, Ivo Josipović, said that sending Croatia’s army to a neighboring country is not an option.

After the outgoing Croatian president’s statement, reported yesterday, that he would “send in the troops” if RS Prime Minister Milorad Dodik held a “referendum on secession” from Bosnia-Herzegovina, Josipović said that it was “Mesić’s style to express himself casually”.

“Sending Croatia’s troops to a neighboring country is not an option for me. But President Mesić is sometimes too casual when expressing himself, it is his style. I really do not want to comment on such statements,“ Josipović said, who is due to take over on February 18.

Josipović repeated that he “very much cared about good neighborly relations” and that he was “ready to give up on the genocide lawsuit against Serbia” for the sake of those relations, adding that it was “better to solve the problem by agreement than spend years in court.”

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