Two War Crimes Suspects Arrested in Bosnia

Bosnia’s State Investigation and Protection Agency, SIPA, arrested on Thursday morning two war crimes suspects, suspected of having committed crimes in the Drvar area of Western Bosnia.

Ratko Dronjak, born in 1962, and Dragan Rodic, nicknameed Saula and born in 1963 were arrested according to a warrant issued by Bosnia’s state prosecution.

Both of them are connected with an investigation on the detention centre Kamenica, near Drvar, where Croats and Bosniaks were imprisoned by Serb forces.

According to media reports from Bosnia, Dronjak is suspected of having been commander of the centre and Rodic as one of the guards. Dronjak was arrested near Banja Luka, Rodic near Drvar.

The of remains of people who were killed in this camp were found last year in a mass grave some 30 meters deep, covered with garbage. The mass grave was found near the local school.

In the beginning of the war, 1992, Drvar was under the control of Serb forces. By the end of the war, 1995, Drvar was taken by Croatian and Bosnian forces.

Before the war Drvar was called Titov Drvar, and was well known as one of the places of strong resistance during World War II. Most of the monuments from that period were destroyed during and after the war.

According to existing data, around 17,000 people lived in the city until 1992, and today there are less than 10,000.

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