Moldova- Vladimir Voronin to be questioned Friday

The former President of Moldova, Vladimir Voronin was cited to go to the Prosecutor General’s Office for questioning over the April 6-7 events, 2009. He will be questioned on Friday, January 22, starting at 14:00.

The Prosecutor General’s Office said in the near future Vlad Filat, Alexandru Tanase, Valeriu Cosarciuc, Oleg Cernei, Vitalia Pavlichenko, Mihai Godea and other persons will also be questioned as witnesses in the cases opened over the April events.

According to the PG, the Security and Information Service and the Ministry of the Interior have not provided additional information about the instigators and organizers of the riots.

On Tuesday, January 19, Sergiu Garabagiu, the head of the Prosecution Division of the Prosecutor General’s Office, said all the persons involved in the April events will be questioned, including the former head of state Vladimir Voronin. “The case is very complicated, but the investigation will be objective. We hope the case will be closed in less than a year. New names appear after every questioning. After interrogating Gheorghe Papuc, we decided to summons Vladimir Voronin,” he said.

The former director of the Security and Information Service Artur Reshetnikov will be also questioned.

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