PACE delegation in Serbian parliament

A delegation of the Monitoring Committee of the Council of Europe Parliamentary Assembly (PACE) visited the Serbian parliament on Thursday.

They conferred with representatives of the ruling majority and the opposition in the on Serbia’s progress in fulfilling its commitments stemming from Council of Europe membership, reports said.

The goal of the visit is also to discuss the commitments the Serbian parliament should fulfill in 2010, the parliament press service said.

The delegation is headed by PACE Rapporteurs for Serbia Andreas Gross and avid Harutyunian.

DS-led parliament group whip Nada Kolundžija said that the Serbian parliament is able to honor all its commitments and that priority will be given this year to coordinating the legal system with EU standards.

The Monitoring Committee delegation also conferred with representatives of the Liberal Democratic Party, Democratic Party of Serbia, New Serbia, Serb Radical Party and ethnic minority parties.

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