Text of Moldova’s Declaration of Independence recovered

File No. 1175 of the Moldovan Parliament’s archive that contains Law No. 691-XII on Moldova’s Declaration of Independence, the copy of the text of the Declaration of Independence, the proceedings of the extraordinary session of the Parliament of Moldova and other documents that disappeared after the April events was recovered.

In a news conference on Thursday, Ion Mereuta, the president of the Humanist Party of Moldova, a member of the twelfth Parliament and lecturer, said that besides the mentioned documents there were found the discourses of the former President of Moldova Mircea Snegur, former Speaker Alexandru Mosanu and MPs, documents about the voting process in constituencies and the Parliament’s Decision on the State Anthem “Desteapta-te Romane” (“Awake, Romanian”).

Ion Mereuta said he found these documents in his office after a group of people came to thank him for his good deeds and congratulate him on Saint John. They brought him a package as a gift, but he was in a hurry and did not mange to look into it that day. He discovered the documents in the package the next day and informed the Parliament’s administration immediately.

“Destructive forces wanted to wipe out the Declaration of Independence. The responsible bodies were to protect the archive, but those who set the Parliament’s building on fire also bear responsibility. Those to blame should be held accountable,” Ion Mereuta said.

The lecturer cannot say why those persons brought the documents to him as he does not even know them. The documents will be submitted to the Acting President and Head of Parliament Mihai Ghimpu.

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