EULEX takes over Kurti case

EULEX police spokesperson Karin Limdal confirmed that EULEX has taken over the case of Self-Determination leader Albin Kurti from UNMIK.

She said that the process being led against him will continue on February 15 before the Priština District Court.

Limdal said that it is a continuation of a case that began three years ago. 

“The court process was stopped (in February 2007) because no lawyers wanted to defend Kurti,” she stated.

The trial will be led by a trial chamber made up both international and Kosovo judges, and will be presided over by one EULEX judge.

Kurti confirmed the news, stating that he has received a summons to appear at a hearing on February 15.

Kurti is accused of participating in a group that committed crimes including obstructing justice and promoting violence related to the events of February 2007, when protests turned violent and two people lost their lives, while 80 were injured.

The ethnic Albanian Self-determination movement, which Kurti leads, criticized the EULEX decision to continue the trial, stating that it is a rigged political process.

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