Serbia’s EU candidacy will not be discussed during the two-day EU Council of Ministers session that begins on Monday.

The meeting will be used to focus on the priorities of the Spanish presidency, with special attention put on economic recovery in the EU, strengthening foreign policies and implementing the Lisbon Agreement.

A day after the session, political dialogue between the EU and Serbia will commence, with a meeting to be attended by Serbian Foreign Minister Vuk Jeremić.

Serbia’s application for EU candidacy will not be on the agenda of the two-day ministerial meeting.

The EU ministers will, however, discuss one important Balkan-related issue – the situation in Bosnia-Herzegovina, described as worrying and complicated.

However, Jeremić will be in Brussels on Tuesday to talk with EU officials about ways to improve cooperation between Serbia and the EU and Belgrade’s regional cooperation.

This was confirmed by officials of the Spanish presidency and EU ministers.

It can be expected, however, that Jeremić will ask about the candidacy process, since it has been stated that the Spanish presidency has begun consultations with member-states regarding new steps that need to be taken in the process.

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