Marian Lupu: Moldova may not have anticipated elections this year

On Friday, the Moldovan Democratic Party (PD) leader Marian Lupu stated during a press conference we may not have anticipated elections this year.

„This is the question we ask ourselves today. I’ve asked for the advice of a number of European experts, including the ones of the Venice Committee, but my subjective opinion is that we may not have anticipated elections this year”, Lupu said.

The PD President also stated that the Alliance for European Integration would also discuss with the parliamentary opposition – the Party of Communists, in order to settle the constitutional reform that may cause the ending of the political crisis in the Republic of Moldova through parliamentary means.

„30-40 million MDL necessary for a referendum is quite a huge burden for the budget. This problem should be solved at the parliamentary level. This means democratic side parties should have a peaceful dialogue with PCRM about this problem”, Marian Lupu explained.

The democratic leader states that the governing alliance has not made a final conclusion about the steps to be made in order to change Constitution, as foreign experts asked to say their opinion about the situation will arrive to Chisinau only in February.

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