Romania MFA assignations on the future Romanian Consulate to Balti

The Bucharest Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) specifies the procurement procedure of the building for the future Romanian General Consulate to Balti is under development.

This announcement was made in the context of the news on this issue released on Wednesday by DECA-press Agency.

MFA of Romania specifies all the property documents on this building are currently being checked out. All the formal stages they should pass in compliance with the Vienna Convention on consular relations have been concluded. “There are no juridical problems recorded. Documents are just thoroughly checked”, a letter of the Romanian MFA states.

According to MFA, the building was chosen due to an open public procurement tender. The main goal of selection of the best offer focused on fulfilling the best requirements, including the possibility of renovation of the building in compliance with Schengen requirements. Thus, when the consulate is inaugurated, it should meet all the required rules.

The Bucharest diplomacy specifies the building for the future Romanian Consulate to Balti costs 750 thousand euros. This price was negotiated by the owner and the assessment board from 1,1 million to 750 thousand euros, after following all the necessary procedures.

„90% of the price of the building till be paid from the European Union non-reimbursable funds, also called „Schengen Facility”, and 10% will be covered by the national contribution”, the letter of the Romanian diplomacy, signed by Lucian Rosenfeld, MHA spokesman, stated.

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