Mihai Ghimpu asks decision-makers to prepare the Regulatory Framework for the implementation of the Moldovan-Romanian projects

On Tuesday evening, during a meeting with the decision-making factors, Mihai Ghimpu asked them to prepare the regulatory, institutional and technical framework for implementing Moldo-Romanian projects debated during the recent visit of the Romanian President Traian Basescu to Chisinau.

Ghimpu required the Ministers to monitor the project implementation process and develop an action plan related to it.

The interim president said he referred first of all to the implementation of the small cross border agreement provisions, drawing up the necessary documents for the conclusion of the Republic of Moldova’s Funding Agreement – non-reimbursable financial support of 100 million euros for the following four years.

Mihai Ghimpu said the projects related to the alignment of the energetic system of Moldova to European systems and interconnection of the railways infrastructure should be their current priorities.

Mihai Ghimpu also asked the decision-making factors to contribute to the procedures of opening the Romanian consulates in Cahul, Balti, as well as the re-opening of Radauti-Lipcani bridge.

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