Moscow demands from Yanukovich to return FSB to Crimea and to stop relationship with Georgia

Moscow has put forward to a new Ukrainian leader, Viktor Yanukovich, a number of categorical demands, which are required for the resumption of friendly relations between the two countries, magazine “Vlast (Power)”, as well as some Ukrainian sources, reported.

The head of the administration of formal Kremlin ringleader, Sergei Naryshkin, who conducted 6-hour-long talks with Yanukovich, visited Kiev on the eve, newspaper reminds.

Citing a source in the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry, the magazine wrote that “Russia has prepared a list of specific steps that the new government in Kiev should take as a sign of renewed friendship between the former fraternal peoples”.

“Moscow would like the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) and the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry to refuse the services of consultants from the CIA … Suffice to say that on summer of 2008 diplomas to graduates of the Academy of Security Service of Ukraine was presented by the then US ambassador in Kiev, a professional intelligence officer, William Taylor”, edition quoted unnamed Ukrainian diplomat.

He also said that Russia is now raises a question of resumption of work performed by the FSB of Russia on the Black Sea Fleet (FSB officers were obliged to leave Crimea at the end of last year).

Finally, according to Ukrainian diplomat, Moscow made it clear that it expects from President Yanukovych to stop all military cooperation with Georgia, which flourished under his predecessor.

Department of Monitoring,
Kavkaz Center

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