Serbian FM: Serbia will choose Kosovo over EU

Serbian FM Vuk Jeremić said during his visit to Budapest today that to tie Serbia’s EU perspective to the problem of Kosovo would be “a tragic mistake”.

“Anyone who thinks that Serbia, in case it had to choose between the European Union and Kosovo, would choose the EU, is making a mistake. It will not happen,” Jeremić told a news conference after a meeting with his Hungarian counterpart Peter Balazs.

Balazs pointed out that there is no need to impose such an impossible choice on Serbia, and added that Belgrade has done a lot on its European pathway.

He said that Budapest relies on Serbia in efforts for the stabilization of the Western Balkans which is the priority of Hungary’s foreign policy.

Hungary thinks that its strategic mission is to help the stabilization of the entire Western Balkans, and this cannot be done without Serbia, the Hungarian foreign minister stressed.

He underscored that Serbia plays a key role in the region, and added that he is always ready to help neighboring countries to resolve their problems.

During his visit to Budapest, Jeremić will also meet with Hungarian President Laszlo Solyom.

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