Macedonian FM: Progress in name issue depends on Macedonia and Greece

Progress in name dispute between Macedonia and Greece depends on the efforts made by the two countries.

Macedonian Foreign Minister Antonio Milososki made the remarks, adding that Republic of Macedonia is giving its outmost, while Greece hasn’t given any signal sides in the last 18 years for finding a name compromise, acceptable for the two sides.

What we can expect from Nimetz is up to him, FM Milososki said, adding that he is running all the matters concerning measures used to contribute to solving name issue.

EU Enlargement Commissioner Fule told me about his interest in name issue. He told me that he is interested in establishing contacts with Nimetz as well. We have nothing against it. We believe that this additional interest can only bring to better future, FM Milososki pointed out in relation to last week’s informal meeting of EU Foreign Ministers Council in Cordoba.

He pointed out that this kind of interest is good for Republic of Macedonia, because Macedonia has nothing to hide.

Macedonian FM Milosoki pointed out that Macedonia has a constructive approach in solving Macedonian-Greek dispute.

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