Venice Commission: Moldovan Parliament has to be dissolved

Moldovan Parliament has to be dissolved, and parliamentary anticipated elections have to take place. This is the statement of European experts, following a Venice Commission letter addressed to governing parties.

According to European experts, the failure of president` s designation is a reason for Parliament` s dissolving, even if this action is to the Moldovan political stability prejudice. “Parliament` s dissolving is opposite to the political stability; however in case of the president` s designation failure, the interim president will be forced to dissolve the Parliament”. Article 78 from Moldovan Constitution regarding the procedure for president` s designation, is directed towards the insurance that the state has functional constitutional bodies, which reflect the current support of various political parties, contains the Venice Commission letter.

As to the date for Parliament` s dissolving, the European experts` report stipulates that “as per article 85.3, Parliament could be dissolved only once during one year, and it can be interpreted in two ways: (1) it can be interpreted in relation to calendar year, covering the period between January 1st – December 31st, or (2) it can be interpreted as the period of time that begins from the day when Parliament has been dissolved”. The entire letter of European Commission can be found on here.

Two days ago, prime-minister Vlad Filat declared that the Alliance for European Integration would renounce to the referendum for the new Moldovan Constitution adoption, if the European experts` notification is negative.

During a previous visit to Chisinau, European experts mentioned that it is necessary to amend only the article regarding the procedure for president` s appointment from Moldovan Constitution. At the same time, experts stated that supreme law has to be amended through a consensus of all governing parties.

Venice Commission made an official visit to Moldova at the end of February 2010, following the invitation of interim president Mihai Ghimpu.

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