Slovenia hopes Serbia will attend the planned conference

It would be important for the success of the planned conference in Slovenia if the Serbian president attended, says a Slovenian embassy in Belgrade official.

This would be significant, Jadranka Šturm-Kocjan stated, for cooperation in the region, mutual relations and dialogues between the Western Balkans countries.

“There are efforts to come to a compromise, and frankly, we expect a positive reply,” says the Slovenian charge d’affaires.

According to some speculation, the holding of the meeting, that should be co-organized by Croatia, could be brought into question if Serbia refused to attend.

President Boris Tadić said earlier that he would attend only if the Kosovo Albanian officials, who were also invited, took part as Kosovo-UNMIK.

In Belgrade, President of European Movement in Serbia Živorad Kovačević told daily Politika that there was an impression that Serbia was trying to find a modality for participating at the meeting.

“Compromises must be made, primarily between Belgrade and Priština. I believe that the international community is persistently working in that direction. Neither position that Kosovo is absolutely unrecognized, because many states have recognized it, nor that Kosovo is a completely sovereign country can be sustained,” he explained.

When asked what consequences the absence from the meeting would bring Serbia, he replied that Belgrade was “threatened by self-isolation” and that it was why a formula for its participation in the regional cooperation was being looked for.

According to him, the danger is there for Priština and it also must be careful. “It would not be good if Serbia was absent from such dialogues. Still, Belgrade’s position that it must not recognize independence of Kosovo either explicitly or implicitly must be understood,” Kovačević stressed.

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