Kosovo Reports on Trade Relations with the EU

Kosovo’s government has created an inter-ministerial council to complete a questionnaire on trade relations with the EU. The council is led by the minister of trade and industry, Lutfi Zharku.

Kosovo Prime Minister Hashim Thaci asked the members of the council on Monday to have the answers ready by April 7. The deadline for the questionnaire to be sent to the EU is April 15.

“I ask each of you and your staff to reply to this questionnaire. Answers should be concrete, professional and concise,” the prime minister’s statement reads.

“I would like to ask that the next joint meeting be held on April 7 with all the final answers being reported at that time,” Thaci said at the meeting with inter-ministerial council.

The questionnaire on trade relations with EU country members was sent one week ago by the EU. The document has some 200 pages and deals with all economic sectors in Kosovo, such as customs, trade, and tariff barriers.

The EU reply to the completed document is expected in mid-summer. Kosovo can then join the inter-state agreements within the EU which will help to facilitate the free movement of goods and services.

PM Thaci said that the questionnaire is important because it will help Kosovo meet the conditions and criteria for the stabilisation and association agreement.

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