Swedish Foreign Minister: EU conference in Sarajevo must succeed

Swedish Foreign Minister Carl Bildt said the EU must secure attendances of all countries of the Western Balkans at the Sarajevo conference in June and bring concrete results.

The Western Balkan conference in Slovenia showed that the region is capable to undertake initiative, FM Bildt told Deutsche Welle, pointing out that there were some good discussions among the participants at Brdo summit near Kranj.

FM Bildt said that Serbia’s decision not to participate in the conference might have had bad impact.

He didn’t want to comment the absence of President of EU Council Herman Van Rompuy and Spanish FM Miguel Angel Moratinos, and said that the presence of EU Enlargement Commissioner Stefan Fuele was important.

Asked about the EU-Balkan conference, which will take place in Sarajevo in June, Bildt said that it is necessary to resolve issues among the countries in the region.

I believe that all countries in the region are trying to solve disputes. Balkan political leaders gathered earlier so I don’t see why we can’t see them again, Bildt said.

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