Davutoglu reaffirms Turkey’s support to Macedonia’s EU bid


Visiting Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu reiterated his country’s support to Macedonia’s integration into the Euro-Atlantic community as well as to good relations between Macedonia and Turkey.

Davutoglu held talks with his Macedonian counterpart Antonio Milososki on Friday. The two reaffirmed the good political, economic and cultural ties between Macedonia and Turkey. Davutoglu stressed his country’s commitment to support Macedonia’s NATO and EU entry bid.

“We hailed Macedonia’s bid to join NATO and we will continue to support its efforts in strongest possible way. I believe that Macedonia’s road to the European Union should be open and I hope that together we will become an active environment as members of EU. Macedonia’s success is our success,” Turkey’s foreign minister said.

Davutoglu stressed that trade exchange between the two countries amounts to $320 million, and the overall investments reached $500 million.

Milososki underscored that Macedonia and Turkey could set an example of good bilateral relations.

“The behavior of Macedonia and Turkey makes no additional problems in the Balkan region. It provides a positive contribution to the resolution of issues and misunderstandings and helps overcome such issues in the interest of stability and common cooperation,” Macedonian foreign minister said.

The two ministers shared the view that Macedonia is a textbook example of ethnic and religious tolerance. In this context, the ministers vowed to protect the religious objects in Macedonia dating back from the Ottoman Empire.

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