CE Secretary General to prepare new report on Russian-Georgian war

Council of Europe Secretary-General Thorbjoern Jagland will prepare a new report on the Russian-Georgian war. This decision was made at the 1080th Strasbourg meeting of the CE deputy ministers Committee.

“The Committee envisaged new proposals of the CE Secretary General to change the reporting system on the Russian-Georgian war results in 2008. The Organization members unanimously decided to retain all decisions on this issue and called the Secretary General to submit a consolidated report on the Russian-Georgian war results,” Georgian Foreign Ministry reported.

The new reporting system retained three essential elements that were in the report of the Secretary-General from Feb. 11, 2009. Particularly, the human rights situation in the occupied territories, monitoring into Georgia’s and Russia’s fulfillment of the CE obligations, and the CE actions to terminate these two calls.

Georgian Foreign Ministry expects a new report to come out in April.

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