Georgian opposition leaders meet with European parliamentary delegation

Georgian opposition leaders have met today with the head of the delegation of the European Parliament for relations with the countries of the Caucasus Milan Cabrnokh and familiarized him on the political situation in the country.

The Alliance for Georgia one of leaders Viktor Dolidze told media that Cabrnokh is a member of the European Parliament, which deals with issues of democracy and reforms. Representatives of the Georgian opposition familiarized him with the situation in Georgia in this direction.

The electoral environment in Georgia was also discussed in the meeting, Dolidze said.

“In this regard, the delegation expressed its regret that the authorities do not take any steps towards democratization. They do not understand the position of the government concerning a 50 percent barrier,” he said.

According to Victor Dolidze, during the meeting they also discussed the situation in Abkhazia and South Ossetia, the policy of non-recognition and external threats.

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