Moldova`s Declaration of Independence will be restored on April 17th

Moldova` s Declaration of Independence, burnt during the protests from April 7th 2009, will be re-established on April 17th 2010, when deputies of the first Parliament will gather to sign the document. This statement was made by president of Association “Parlamentul 90”, Pantelei Sandulachi.

President of “Parlamentul 90” specified that deputies of the first Parliament met today with general prosecutor Valeriu Zubco, following their request to General Prosecution to present explanations regarding the damage of the original of the Declaration of Independence on April 7th 2009. According to Sandulachi, the answer of the General Prosecution consisted in the confirmation that Declaration of Independence has completely burnt on April 7th 2009.

At the same time, Pantelei Sandulachi mentioned that today they will submit to Parliament the document of re-establishment of the Declaration of Independence, a draft resolution being initiated by interim president Mihai Ghimpu.

President of “Parlamentul 90” stated that prosecution didn’t finalize the penal investigation of this case. “They need to find out how it was possible that from Parliament` s safe there were destroyed the Declaration of Independence and other valuable documents, while other documents, less important, remained almost intact”, affirms Sandulachi.

Previously, the members of “Parlamentul 90” association decided upon the re-establishment of the Declaration of Independence and the signing of that document by the deputies of the first Parliament. From those 248 deputies of the first Parliament who have signed the act, only 226 are still alive, and will sign, for the second time, the original of Declaration of Independence.

On April 17th 2010 there will be 20 years since the beginning of the first Moldovan Parliament` s activity.

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