State Secretary of Serbia’s Ministry for Kosovo: EU Turning Kosovo into Second Cyprus

Oliver Ivanovic, State Secretary of Serbia’s Ministry for Kosovo and Metohija, said that the EU has made Kosovo a “second Cyprus” and would have to accept it as such.

Ivanovic said that lamentations such as “We don’t need a new Cyprus” might be coming from Brussels “but, if they really want the region to be under the wing of the EU, there is no other solution.” 

Ivanovic said that the countries which have recognized Kosovo often say that there can be no “freezing of the conflict” or new negotiations over Kosovo.

“If Kosovo’s status were so cemented, these countries would not be suggesting models such as ‘two Germanies’, ‘China and Taiwan’, or ‘Ireland and Great Britain’. Therefore, it is clear to them that they have not finished the job, and it won’t be possible to finish it, until Serbia agrees to some kind of solution,” he said.

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