Austrian federal minister of European and International Affairs: Austria wants Moldova` s rapprochement to EU

“In a short period of time, a lot of progress has been noticed in Moldova, especially in reforming field. This tendency is highly appreciated in Europe. Austria intends to intensively cooperate with Moldova, so that your country gets much closer to European Union”.

This statement has been made today by Austrian federal minister of European and International Affairs, Michael Spindelegger, during a visit to Moldova.

Spindelegger, who had a reunion with the minister of External Affairs and European Integration, Iurie Leanca, added that “this new phase of the bilateral dialogue represents an encouraging signal for the greatest European engagement of Moldova, highly appreciated by all European colleagues”.

Iurie Leanca declared that after this round of detailed discussions, Austria will have a better understanding of Moldova` s realities, problems and challenges. Considering the friendly and constructive tone of the dialogue, Leanca mentioned that this mood supplies “Moldova` s inspiration and trust in the European future”.

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