Serbs boycott vote in Kosovo municipality

Early mayoral elections were held in the municipality of Istok in Kosovo on Sunday.

Several minor incidents at polling stations were reported during the voting.

The elections went without any major problems, but several political parties and the NGO coalition “Democracy in Action” stated that there were incidents reported.

Eight persons were arrested after a fight near the polling station in Banja, but the situation in the municipality remained calm afterwards.

One polling station in Osojane was not opened, because Serbs living in the village did not show any interested in voting, which was also the case in the last elections, officials of the election commission stated.

There are 39,307 registered voters in the municipality of Istok and 54 polling stations were opened.

There were five candidates in the mayoral elections representing the Democratic League of Kosovo, the Democratic Party of Kosovo, the Alliance for the Future of Kosovo, the New Kosovo Alliance and the Democratic League of Dardania.

The elections were called after the death of Mayor Fadil Ferati, an official of the Democratic League of Kosovo.

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