Moldova – The reconstitution of Declaration of independence, delayed

The text`s reconstitution of the Declaration of Independence is delayed. The reason is that the parliament has not adopted any legal framework to conduct such procedures.

Another reason is that on April 17th, the day when the extraordinary parliamentary meeting was scheduled, many officials will leave to Warsaw to attend the funerals of Polish president, Lech Kaczynski.

On April 26th, deputies will convene a special reunion, when there will be voted the restoring of Declaration of Independence. The vote will be uninominal, and the Declaration of Independence will be signed only by the deputies who voted on April 17th, twenty years ago.

The Declaration of Independence will be printed on a special material that resists at least 500 years, being signed by 230 deputies from the first and existing Parliament. In case of the impossibility of some deputies to attend the solemn reunion, there would be applied the scanned signature from the minutes dated August 27th 1991 or from the copies of Declaration of Independence.

At the same meeting, deputies will adopt the project for establishing the State Flag day and for returning to the initial name of the holiday from August 27th – Independence Day. At present, it is officially called the Republic Day.

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