Moldova’s interim president: Russia isn`t honest when speaking about Transnistria

“Unfortunately, Russia maintains, directly or indirectly, this artificial country, called Transnistria. It is well known that Transnistria does not pay Russia for the gas supplied by “Gazprom”. This fact proves once again that Russia is not honest when stating that it stands for solving the transnistrian issue”, interim president Mihai Ghimpu said.

According to Ghimpu, the Alliance for European Integration decided to continue the dialogue in 5+2 format, but without any results. “The negative part of this format is the fact that Transnistria takes part in negotiations, thus allowing the Tiraspol authorities to block the dialogue”, said Ghimpu.

Interim president considers that it would be better if Tiraspol was not part of 5+2 format. “The agreement to terminate the conflict was signed by ex-presidents Mircea Sngeur and Boris Eltin. This fact proves that Russia was part of that conflict”, stated Ghimpu.

Also, president Ghimpu believes only Russia could solve this conflict: “We would like Russian party to understand our position. We know that if you can’t achieve something, you try to keep what you already have. This is politics. Since Russian Federation recognized Moldova` s sovereignty, we have the right to decide the fate of that problem”, concluded Ghimpu.

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