Srebrenica war crimes suspect arrested

Srebrenica war crimes suspect Franc Kos was arrested at the border crossing Osijek, Croatia.

Bosnia-Herzegovina has an international warrant out for his arrest.

Kos was a member of the 10th commando detachment of the Army of the Republic of Srpska (VRS), and is suspected of committing genocide in Srebrenica on 1995—killing Bosniak (Muslim) prisoners after Srebrenica was seized.

After the war, Kos lived in Bijeljina, Bosnia, under the name Branimir Mirić.

The Bosnian prosecution will ask for an immediate extradition of the suspected war criminal from Croatia.

His attorney Duško Tomić said that he would recommend to Kos to ask to be extradited to Bosnia, because he is accused of crimes in Slovenia and Croatia as well.

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