David Humar to be new NATO commander in Skopje

Macedonian Minister of Defense Zoran Konjanovski is set to meet with NATO Commander in Skopje Valentin Gagasev as well as with newly appointed NATO Commander in Skopje Slovenian David Humar, who will take office on May 3.

Defense Minister Konjanovski thanked Gagasev for his cooperation and pointed out that NATO advisory team is necessary for successful cooperation between Macedonia and the Alliance.

“We have to adopt important documents in the future, among which is the long-term defense plan with new strategy on armed forces”, Minister Konjanovski said.

Humar pledged to support Macedonia’s road to joining NATO soon.

“I can hardly wait to help in the accomplishment of our joint goals. Your country is a great partner, as it participated in NATO peace missions, which is a great thing”, Brigadier General Humar said.

Present NATO Commander in Skopje, Valentin Gagasev expressed hope to see Macedonia as part of NATO during Humar’s one year mandate.

“When I came in Macedonia I wished to see Macedonian flag waving in front of NATO headquarters in Brussels. But, that’s life and not every dream comes true. I hope my successor will be protagonist and will manage to wave Macedonian flag in front of NATO headquarters in Brussels, during his mandate”, Gagasev said.

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