Croatian Bosnian, Turkish FMs meet

The foreign ministers of Turkey, Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina met on Wednesday in Ankara, Turkey, on Wednesday.

Ahmet Davutoglu, Gordan Jandroković and Sven Alkalaj agreed that the relations between these three countries are of strategic importance for the improvement of the general situation in southeastern Europe.

According to a statement released by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Zagreb, the three foreign ministers agreed that reinforcement of Bosnia’s security was a condition for the stability in southeastern Europe, and welcomed the North Atlantic Treaty Organization’s (NATO) conditional admittance of Bosnia into the Membership Action Plan (MAP).

The MAP for Bosnia was adopted last week at a meeting of foreign ministers of NATO member countries in Tallinn, Estonia.

Jandroković said that, as a leader of Euro-Atlantic integration in the region, Croatia will continue to support the changes in the sphere of internal policy, particularly with a reference to the constitutional changes aimed at making BiH a country with a clear European perspective.

In Ankara, Jandroković reiterated that Croatia’s official stand is that constitutional changes should help preserve the position of Croats as a sovereign nation in BiH.

Davutoglu agreed with Jandroković on this matter and said that all three sovereign nations in Bosnia should have equal rights regardless of the fact that Croats are the least numerous.

The meeting of the three foreign ministers ended with several conclusions, one of which was the decision that trilateral meetings shall be held every three months. The ministers also agreed to hold a meeting of the three countries’ top officials in the next three months.

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