Bulgarian FM:Bulgaria has always done everything in its power to help Macedonia, since its independence

“Bulgaria has always done everything it could to help Macedonia, since its independence. I think that this is well known by the Albanian political parties, as well as by the other parties,” Bulgarian Foreign Minister Nikolay Mladenov said.

“I will not allow people to continue saying insulting adjectives when they mention Bulgaria, the kind I heard when I was in Skopje. Bulgaria is an EU member state and is reaching out its hand to help Macedonia. This is the very meaning of the Friendship and Good Neighbourly Treaty,” Mladenov added. According to him, the good tone in the negotiations with the representatives of the government was very constructive.

“I hope that the area of trust expands and that we will be able to show before the EU that the Bulgarian-Macedonian relations are exemplary for good neighbourly relations, which help the country join the EU. There are a lot of reforms that need to be made in Macedonia, and a lot of requirements need to be met, in order the country to finish its path towards EU membership successfully/ The more good examples Macedonians show with their cooperation with Bulgaria, as a EU member state, the better for them,” Mladenov explained.
Last week Minister Mladenov finished the first part of his Balkan Tour, as he visited Macedonia and Serbia. Today Mladenov is in Montenegro.

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