Bosnian official cancels Belgrade visit

Bosnian Presidency Chairman Haris Silajdžić’s cabinet has stated that his visit to Belgrade scheduled for Tuesday had to be canceled.

It was stated that the Bosnian official’s airplane was having engine problems, and that he could not make the trip.

Silajdžić was supposed to head from New York to Munich and then over to Belgrade.

“The protocol of the Bosnia-Herzegovina Presidency is in contact with the Serbian president’s protocol and is trying to find a modality for moving the visit to tomorrow (Wednesday),” the statement added.

Silajdžić was expected to meet with Serbian President Boris Tadić in Belgrade on Tuesday to discuss several issues.

He was also expected to visit convicted war criminal Ilija Jurišić, a former Bosnian official convicted and sentenced in Belgrade to 12 years of prison for the deadly attack on a retreating Yugoslav People’s Army (JNA) convoy in Tuzla in May 1992.

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